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A revolution in environmentalism 

Changing the way we see our Earth

Through Beekeeping, Beekeepers, and Community

Create Colonies

Our Mission

The name of the game? Save The Bees!

Have A Hive® is designed so that anyone concerned about the future of our pollinators and environment is able to contribute to the sustainability of BOTH! 

Bees have the weight of the world on their shoulders. Without bees, most of the things that we enjoy would come to an end; including human life. These important insects deserve better, and so do all of us! Have A Hive® is here to raise awareness and bridge the gap between people and nature. People, Communities, and Society can all be healed by nature. Have A Hive® chooses to teach that healing through bees.


Have A Hive® uses technology to connect each sponsor to a local beehive and Bee Shepherd™. Sponsorships create beehives, educational opportunities for youth and adults, reward Bee Shepherds™, assist in veteran services, and bolster urban sustainability. 

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