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A New kind of beekeeper 

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What in the hive smoker is a Bee Shepherd™? 

Bee Shepherds™

  • Utilize Have A Hive's® mobile app                       to

  • Track the maintenance of locally sponsored colonies                                               &

  • Are sent beekeeping equipment for their pollinator stewardship

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Have A Hive® has set out to help beekeepers

"When I first started keeping bees,  I was not expecting 2 things:

  1. How expensive beekeeping is 

  2. How well I would get along with other beekeepers​

Because of that, I ​want to give beekeepers one more opportunity to do what they love in their own community and be gifted equipment along the way!"

-Trent Balduff, Founder 

Have A Hive®


Are you Interested in becoming a bee shepherd™? 
Are you a member to any local bee associations?

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The original bee shepherd™

We all stand on the shoulders of the giants that came before us. Nick French is considered to be one of those giants for many reasons. He's a veteran, family man, and successful business person. As a beekeeper, Nick is the Godfather of honeybee sponsorship programs. His program, Adopt-A-Bee, was featured on NPR and is one of the most lucrative methods to help save bees. He also founded Colorado Hemp Honey, which was the first company to feature a concoction of CBD oil and raw honey. Nick is known as the Bee Shepherd™, and he inspired Trent Balduff, the founder of Have A Hive®, to give back to not only bees, but beekeepers as well. Cheers to Pollinator Stewardship!


Pictured above is Nick French of Colorado Hemp Honey, Frangiosa Farms, and Adopt A Honey Bee with the Have A Hive® founder, Trent Balduff

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