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Combining urban beekeeping with sustainable agriculture to heal your community  

Hive PArks Offer

  1. Educational Opportunities

  2. Economic Stimulus 

  3. Environmental Sustainability

"We call them Hive Parks™ because they are like beehives of society. They are safe spaces for any and all humble beings to come and collaborate on the local level; collaborate in the name of community development, mental rehabilitation, environmental healing, and agricultural sustainability. A place where you are accepted because, like bees, we know that there is strength in unity. Hive Parks™ are here to heal humanity."

-Trent J. Balduff, Founder 

Have A Hive®, Inc. 

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Collaboration is key.


Hive Parks™ are made possible through partnerships and persistence.  


They are the perfect grounds for team development, locally grown organic produce, community collaborations, and education. 

Pictured above: Jeff Thaler , Trent Balduff, & Don Tobul
Photo Taken at The  1st Hive park in the slavic village of Cleveland, Ohio 

"Lettuce Tree Farms is an urban agricultural company focused on building sustainable farming technology. We sell to restaurants and CSA's while utilizing shipping container farms, as well as open land, to support microgreens and vegetable production. What we don't sell, we donate as compost!"

-Jeff Thaler, Founder

Lettuce Tree Farms 

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"T's Bees provides pollination services to urban & organic farms. We are also proud to serve other beekeepers by supplying high quality beekeeping equipment. "

-Trent Balduff, Founder 

T's Bees

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"O.D. Greens is a workplace training environment that assists disabled veterans in their transition to civilian employment. We use hydroponic growing as a platform for mental health among the veteran population."

-Don Tobul, Founder

O.D. Greens

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