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About Have A Hive®

Our Mission

Have A Hive's® Mission: Encourage Biomimicry 

Biomimicry (bye-oh-mim-ick-ree) Noun

--to model aspects of reality based off of biological entities and processes

Everyone should think like a bee. This is because of the fact that a colony of bees will only survives if each individual member pitches in - it is the collective contribution that keeps everything running smoothly. Bees selflessly and instinctually work to keep themselves, and their neighbors alive.


Society, now more than ever, needs your selfless actions. The bees know it and Have A Hive® has reason to believe that serving your neighbor with selfless love will lead to a happier and healthy society to live in. 

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Our history

Pictured here is the founder of Have A Hive®, Trent J. Balduff. What started as a concern for our bee population back in July of 2017 has blossomed into a program that creates colonies of bees, helps beekeepers, and heals communities.


Have A Hive® was founded to help the soldiers behind the scenes, pollinators and beekeepers alike. Not many folks truly understand how difficult it is to be a bee nowadays, and even less know how expensive beekeeping is.  Our sponsorship program makes it easy and fun to play a role in saving the bees and helping a beekeeper. The best part is is that everyone gets rewarded, it is a win-win game made possible through collaboration.

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